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Enter Into The Quantum Field And Heal Through The Collective


Jump into an awe-inspiring group dynamic and gain immense transformations, while experiencing a catalyst for your healing and those of your peers, in our exclusive 12-person, 12-week interactive 

  • Weekly attention towards releasing deeper subconscious blockages

  • Evolutionary perspectives at a sustainable price

  • Participate LIVE or through the interactions on the replay

  • Access to continual clarity, perspective, and a balanced mindset

  • Gently release generational

    and trauma systemic wounds

  • Heal and connect in a safe, nourishing circle of others

  • Explore the Magnitude of Systemic Groups

    Listen in, as Carl Schirtzer, Co-founder of Secret To Life, shares what makes our group interactive approach a uniquely potent method to overcoming original wounds and how the collective environment offers a dynamic form of self-healing


    Per month for 3-months, or pay sooner for more savings, and benefit from the same acclaimed methodologies and pioneering insight, in a collective realm of healing, and all for less than our private client programs!

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    Discover the Exponential Synergy that Stimulates Deep Subconscious Release

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    There are two mentionable phenomena that occur subconsciously that base why and how we facilitate this group dynamic, and what makes it such an impactful approach. 

    The first, and of course purely unconsciously, is that people naturally congregate with others based on similarities. This equally includes their subconscious trauma, systemic blockages, and generational wounds. It’s fascinating actually. What you need, so do they, and all come together to heal, as if by magic. The second is that everything encountered by your subconscious, even if it’s happening elsewhere, is always personalized as if it’s happening to you

    Herein shares a glimpse of the exponential transformation, as each person in the group offers a sacred mirror for your own personal growth, and each week you'll experience up to 12 sacred mirrors, resulting in the potential for massive shifts.

    As with our private clients, this is a simple, gentle, and easy-flowing interaction, as Jenine and I facilitate what presents subconsciously. During the 12 weeks, each participant will receive one session, where they are spotlighted, while others come to witness and unconsciously gain similar learnings, to experience their own healing, building upon itself each week. 

    When spotlighted, we look to resolve your challenges, which we help to uncover, as we would any private client interaction. 

    When someone else is spotlighted, your role will be one of two, to either allow your subconscious to heal through a 3rd-person passive perspective as you watch the session resolve. The other would be to assist in the session if requested, for a different dimension of release while you undergo an energetic shift from the 2nd-person perspective

    Simply said, sometimes our subconscious desires an alternate vantage point  to move beyond blockages; other times, it’s about gaining the learnings directly. Both are perfect, all are necessary, and everything is transformative.

    In true fashion, we will deliver each group interaction, offering our expertise in uncovering early childhood wounds and long-held systemic patterns, to provide the appropriate environment to remove blockages times the power of twelve.

    We are happy to facilitate the circle and welcome you if you wish to join our next open enrollment.

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    If You Can't Attend Live It's Perfect, Here's Your Solution

    While it’s good to participate, whether you experience it live or later through a private viewing portal, your transformation is equal. So, if you want to heal, it’s fully accessible to you now


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    Thank you for exploring our 12-week, private group participant program. 

    Conducted over a private online platform, and 60-minutes in length, each group's interaction will be led by Jenine Lori and Carl Schirtzer and will be recorded and temporarily stored in a password-protected platform for viewing.

    With the enrollment into BalancedClarity, you will receive one session as the spotlighted participant where Jenine and Carl with work directly with your situation. In addition, you receive access to eleven additional sessions, as a watcher and/or supporting participant for others while accessing your own personal transformations.

    Space is limited to twelve (12) participants, with the weekly order of spotlighted sessions derived from the time of enrollment by each participants.

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    If you have an interest in hearing when our next open enrollment is, please input your information below and we will keep you informed. Please also note, we will send you a verification email this is you

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