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Make The Move To Where You Belong!


Welcome to our expat wellness membership program, where we offer emotional support for those who have decided to make the difficult and life-changing decision to move to a new country. We understand that regardless of how excited you are about starting a new chapter in your life, moving to a foreign country can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. With our assistance, know that you don't have to face these challenges alone! 

  • Ease cultural shock and embrace new cultural norms and customs without feeling overwhelmed

  • Bridge the gap of isolation caused by language barriers and connect with others in your foreign country

  • Conquer homesickness and the longing for the familiarity of friends and family back home

  • Reduce the burden of the expat transition by overcoming moments of depression, anxiety, or stress

  • Find strength with a supportive community of like-minded individuals as you establish your new network

  • Alleviate anxiety and uncertainty stemming from financial stressors in a foreign country

  • Get To Know Your Guide

    Hi! I'm Jenine Lori, the co-founder of the Secret to Life Institute, which specializes in bringing people emotional peace. Several years ago, we made the decision to move our family to Panama, Central America. Despite all of my tools and resources, as an emotional wellness counselor, it was a challenging transition for me. I dealt with emotions I had never experienced before, including feeling I did not belong, isolation, and depression, alongside culture shock. It led me to dig deeper into research and recognize that ex-pat depression was a real and common diagnosis, affecting nearly 45% of people who move to an international country. That statistic only takes into account those who openly communicate their experiences. It's most likely much higher! 

    While I personally managed to work through the difficulties and find happiness in my new home, I realized there must be others experiencing the same thing. 

    There are very few resources out there, if any, to support people going through such a transition. Most professionals may also not understand it. Expat depression is unique in itself, as the emotions that come up are not something learned clinically. This is why I decided to create a program specifically geared toward helping expats all over the world feel supported emotionally in their new homes. With my personal understanding alongside my expertise, I can help! 

    Our expat wellness service is designed to provide you with the proper guidance, emotional support, and empowerment that you need to thrive in your new environment. We offer an affordable monthly membership that includes access to weekly live group calls with other members of the community who are going through the same transition as you. You'll also have access to a private group in a safe space where you can share your experiences and connect with others, providing you with an opportunity to build a supportive community. Along with that, you will receive discounted access to private session work with our trained professionals, which is included in your monthly membership. Our support group aims to provide a safe and friendly environment where you can share your experiences, advice, and tips on how to navigate your new surroundings. 

    Our top priority is to ensure that you're not alone as you take this life-changing step. We are here to help you cope with the emotional stress that comes with moving to a new country, as well as provide a welcoming space where you can feel supported, valued, and empowered through connection. 

    Don't let isolation and loneliness hold you back from living your life to the fullest in your new country. Join our expat wellness program today!

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    Reach Out For Support

    Here are a few truths of what expats commonly experience when relocating to a foreign country. Yet, by addressing these issues with our expat wellness program, you can build resilience with the necessary support and tools to adapt and thrive in your new home.

    Expats May Experience...

  • Culture Shock

    Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, and adjusting to new cultural norms and customs can be a significant challenge. Expats may feel lost, lonely, or like they don't belong in their new environment. 

  • Isolation
    Building a social network in a foreign country can be challenging. Expats may feel lonely or disconnected from others, particularly if they don't speak the local language fluently. 

  • Homesickness
    Being far from friends and family members can be difficult, particularly during significant events or holidays. Expats may feel homesick or nostalgic for their former life, and they may struggle to find a sense of belonging in their new location

  • Financial Stress
    Living in a foreign country can prove to be costly, and expats may feel stressed about their finances. They may also be unsure of how to manage financial matters in a different country like taxes, healthcare, and banking. 

  • Mental Health

    The stress of moving to a new country can take a toll on an expat's mental health. They may experience symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress related to the transition. 

  • Language Barrier
    Communicating with locals can be challenging and isolating if an ex-pat doesn't speak the local language fluently. Expats may feel frustrated and helpless if they cannot effectively communicate with others in their new environment. 

  • Difficulty Connecting With Other Expats
    While expats may be drawn to each other because of their shared experiences, it's not always easy to make connections with other ex-pats due to differing values or beliefs. This can leave expats feeling isolated and without a support system in their new country.

  • Unable To Express To Others
    It's possible that expats may feel uncomfortable being honest about having difficulties acclimating. Friends and family who have not made the transition may not fully understand. Expats may not wish to express with locals from their new country, as to not offend them. This goes for other expats too, who may wish only to talk about the wonderful attributes of their experience. This can leave expats feeling as if there is no-one to talk to openly about their challenges, as if on an island by themselves. 

  • Limited Resources For Support

    Depending on where an expat is living, there may be limited resources available for them to seek out emotional support or guidance. They may be unsure about where to turn to talk about their feelings, and they may not have access to mental health professionals who understand the unique challenges of expat life. This is where we can help! 

  • Explore The Finer Details

    The program offers live group video calls every other week, which is set to being with our first official meeting on the 20th of October, 2023, hosted through Zoom, providing a platform for individuals to share their experiences and challenges of living outside their native country. With a monthly membership of only $53, you can connect with others going through similar circumstances, obtain the support you need, while gaining solutions to working through your current circumstances. For what breaks down to $13.25 a session, you can begin to find ways to thrive in your new home!

    During these 60-minute sessions, participants will have the opportunity for their specific questions to be featured and spotlighted, enabling them to receive personalized assistance while also valuing from the other questions from the community. Each call is recorded if you can't make it live.

    The program also incorporates weekly discussions on different topics related to the expat experience, followed by the provision of tools and resources to help individuals work through their emotions. 

    Alongside, gain access and support in our private community, through our social interactions on our page, where you can find a safe and nourishing environment with those who share similar challenges and aspirations.

    In addition to group sessions, members have the option to hire private guidance from our team at a discounted rate for more personalized support. This flexibility allows individuals to benefit from both the dynamics of group work and individualized assistance if needed. Moreover, the program maintains a no-commitment membership policy, giving members the freedom and flexibility to stay a member as long as they desire. 

    As the group expands, additional features, such as private group chat, will be introduced. These features will further enhance connections among members, facilitating conversations and support between individuals who are going through similar experiences. The ultimate goal of this program is to establish a growing global network that provides a sense of belonging and emotional support, regardless of where individuals choose to call home.

    The monthly membership is a recurring monthly fee that provides access to our monthly program, shared information and video backlog, a select community experience and support group, and discounts on more intimate support programs. When the time comes that you wish to end your membership, it is simply achieved from the comfort of your computer devise 

    While we are still in presale, you can claim your access with our Founder's Promotion., by enrolling now, to receive both the introductory rate of $53 per month, and your monthly changes will be waived until October, 2023, yet your access to our private community begins the moment you say yes!, and purchase your membership today.

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