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What will it Be like to...

  • Eliminate undesired habits, toxic situations, and subconscious patterns to move past self-destructive tendencies

  • Nix 'negative' emotions, limiting thinking, and perpetual conflict, to stop sabotaging your peace, happiness, and success

  • Re-claim healthy boundaries, positive interactions, and a balanced sense of self so you can foster nourishing and evolving relationships

  • Open up to passion, purpose, and renewed perspectives that empower a magical life

  • Learn to Awakn™ inspiration, creativity, and your authentic self, able to merge into the person you came here to be

  • You already have what you seek!

    We Help You Access It...

    By guiding you to the root of where all your challenges began, without the need to re-experience painful memories or revisit trauma. Our purposefully simple and effective method releases pain points through a unique process of reconnecting with your Inner-Child and Wise-One™. Transform original wounds into your greatest gifts, and move into full alignment with your Sacred You™

    I'm Ready

    Welcome To The Secret To Life

    Because you're here, you're most likely looking for solutions to better your life. So, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jenine Lori, Co-founder of The Secret to Life Institute™ and Creator of the highly potent and shockingly simple program, which releases original wounds and deep subconscious blockages, without the need to resurface the pain of the past. Since you are looking for solutions, it's good that you are here. Let me explain.  

    In our programs, we guide others to move through emotions and perceived limitations, which are showing in the current moment, with a combination of Inner-child work, re-parenting techniques, Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), hypnotherapy and other potent subconscious methodologies. Our process is founded on the belief that the overwhelming majority of difficulties from simple anxiety to the most complex of mental health challenges, are a symptomatic picture of childhood post traumatic stress syndrome, and that in order to live in harmony, move beyond suffering, and receive benefits of other healing modalities, we must first heal the foundation, our connection to our most pure, sacred self... our Child Essence™.

    I first came across the profound method that we now share through my own personal healing journey and transformation. Having always deemed myself a forward thinker, someone who's always been proactive in ways to better myself, I found myself, like many, at a place where I had no choice but to listen to the screaming wounded little girl inside. 

    I had gone to countless courses, worked with some of the best specialists in the world, traveled to different countries working with wise sages, medicine men and women, alongside having a background in Psychology with a Masters degree in Psychology and Art Education, yet it still wasn't enough to soften the voice of an Inner-child in turmoil having a tantrum. 

    It wasn't a mystery to me that I grew up under difficult circumstances, surrounded by mental illness, raised in an environment where personality disorders prevailed. I'd often pride myself on how I was able to be so emotionally resilient, having gotten myself through relatively unscathed with what I believed to be little emotional damage. My primary experiences were one of the driving factors on my quest for knowledge. I figured if I could gain a working understanding of how to navigate the choppy waters of the minds of others, then I'd be in a good standing! 

    Yet still, I began finding myself making choices which were sabotaging my relationships, my health and my overall well-being, despite the countless methods I'd practiced over the years and my wealth of knowledge. Even more so, I began recognizing my tendency to move into unresourceful states, think poorly of myself and have what I call "the inner critic" calling the shots. I now know it wasn't my own voice telling me those unkind things or making those unconscious decisions, but the voices left over from earlier memories. I also saw how I was beginning to show signs of the very traits which I swore I'd never become, while also attracting difficult personality dynamics into my life. During some of my darkest moments, I began to recognize who it was that needed healing and how to get myself out of the dysfunctional operating systems which were running my life. It was through a deepened connection with my Inner-child, merged with my partner's mastery of the subconscious mind, that I finally began to find the path towards freedom. 

    Having come through to the other side, being given the opportunity to work with countless people from all over the world as an Inner-child specialist, I have yet to find a single person who's current challenges aren't rooted in core issues stemming from childhood. Because of this, we have not experienced anyone who hasn't responded favorably to this level of therapy, which combines Inner-child work with the most effective techniques to transform the subconscious mind. It is our firm belief at The Secret to Life Institute that regardless of any diagnosis" difficulty or challenge, anyone can heal and benefit from the tools that we share. The only requirements are a willingness to show up, to be present in the process and a desire to live happily and healthily. 

    We look forward to connecting with you on your journey towards well-being. 

    Thank you for trusting in yourself and for finally saying YES to YOU! 

    With love,

    When it Feels Right

    While everyone benefits, not all are ready to find balance and happiness in the present, You must possess to a self-motivated desire to experience something new. So, check in to how you feel inside now, and you'll know if you are ready to take the next step. 

    With that mentioned, our exclusive client programs are...

    Perfect For

  • Individuals, Couples, and Families

    If you are navigating through dilemmas, experiencing persistent emotional, physical or relationship challenges, and have lost touch with the joy in life... we can help!

  • Children, Young Adults, and Little Buddhas

    If you wish to support a child in developing healthy emotional intelligence, self-love, self-worth, to trust in themselves and align with their sacred truth... we can help!

  • Thought Leaders, Influencers, and Change-Workers

    If you guide others and are looking to further your reach, make a deeper impact, and experience new skills that can further your craft… we can help!

  • Solution Finders, Spiritual Seekers, and Magic Makers

    If you're in search of truth, clarity, looking to heal, or on a journey to align with your authentic self... we can help!

  • Sabotagers, Procrastinators, and Perfectionists 

    If you succumb to continual blockages, hesitate to take action, or fail to achieve the success you deserve.... we can help!

  • Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Employees

    If you aim for personal success, work-life balance, increased efficiency, or to achieve your absolute best... we can help! 

  • Start-ups, Ventures, and Business Endeavors 

    If progress is limited, continual obstacles persist, or you're needing to infuse fresh energy, creativity, and ingenuity to your projects ... we can help!


  • Let's Get Started

    Beyond "Talk Therapy"

    We focus on rebalancing the Child Essence through a proprietary method that guides and teaches YOU how to gently release blockages so you become your own counselor and take back control of your moments.  

    While we love to listen and are always here to chat, we don't simply talk around problems. Our focus is solution based. We provide our clients with the skills to quickly move through life circumstances as they arise. The majority of our clients shift life-long struggles within a short time working with us, moving on to becoming self-aware and emotionally conscious.

    Phase #1

    Identify Original Wounds through current triggers and situations

    Phase #2

    Address and Support the Needs of the Wounded Child™

    Phase #3

    Re-parent the Inner-Child by reconstructing New Beliefs

    Phase #4

    Solidify the New Resourceful Beliefs through consistency 

    What's living life in harmony worth to you?

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    Imagine What You'll share

    Each experience is unique, as too are the results. Yet, listen to some of these, and begin to grasp how different your life can also become. We all deserve the best we can, and it happens when we take action.

    change Happens Quickly

    Who you identify as, what you value as important, and the beliefs you hold to be true set a continuous stage for your interactions, well-being, and success. If unresourceful, they're the source of problems, challenges, and adversity.. Yet, when resourceful, one finds that life seems to move in direct alignment with their most authentic desires.

    Wherever You Are, We Support You

  • Private online video sessions for comfort and convenience

  • Direct-connect messaging, to support your in between moments

  • Timely insight when it's most valuable, to reset, re-align, and renew

  • *The following private client programs, based on our unique phased approach to healing the wounded child and awakening your subconscious, are only available for purchase upon completion of an introductory call.  Program details are as follows and payment plans are available for those who qualify.

    Unlock Yourself™

    Embark on a 1-month transformation, into ‘Phase 2’ as you embrace a loving and gentle process to (re)connect you to your ‘Child Essence’.

    Through virtual weekly interactions, begin to release original wounds and uncover dynamic shifts, while you gain wisdom to become your own healer.


    Find resolution, learn to create balance, and encounter methods that empower you to peace, happiness, and positive conscious manifestations.

  • 4, High-Powered, 60-minute, Virtual Sessions to Redefine Your Reality

  • Choice of One Practitioner or our signature, Duel Practitioner Double-Induction™ method

  • Direct Message Support to Solidify New Learnings and Patterns

  • Tools and Understandings to Resolve Your Challenges with Ease

  • Schedule Now

    Potential Reached™

    "A completely life-changing experience"

    Expand into your unique energetic blueprint, through all four ‘Phases’, as you journey through a 12-week, life-changing metamorphosis, to heal the wounded child and awaken to the greater aspects of your subconscious. 


    Organized over weekly virtual interactions and in-between moments, partake in this transcending process to unwind unconscious beliefs, habits, and patterns, all while you release limitations and reconnect with the deeper truth of who you are. 


    Come to know the secret, while you easily move beyond blockages, awaken to your authentic self, and solidify the foundation for a magical life...now.

  • 12-Weeks of Internationally Acclaimed Transformational Coaching

  • Weekly, 60-minute, Virtual Sessions to Heal Your Past and Ignite Your Inner Spark™ 

  • Duel Practitioner Double-Induction, Signature Method to Absolutely Amplify your Results

  • On-Demand Direct Message Guidance, for those Desired Moments

  • Schedule Now

    Ultimate Reboot™

    Shift into your evolution, a re-birth of your most divine self, perfect when you wish to reorient your inner compass and master your moments.


    Our celebrated two-step adventure begins with the 12-week Potential Reached program, to be free from the past and awaken to your Sacred You™. 


    Then, it's time to supercharge the layers of your mind, with a hyper-focused, 6-hour subconscious reset, aimed to release lingering patterns and false beliefs, while you construct new internal resources that propel a compelling future.

    • Potential Reached™, Signature 12- Week Program to Move Beyond Wounds and Into Your Deepest Essence

    • AwaknYou™, 6-hour Subconscious Rest to Orchestrate a Dynamic and Compelling Future

    • Align the Layers of Your Mind and Step into Inspiration and Conscious Creation, to Experience Life on Your Terms

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    Give Yourself Permission

    We know the secret to living in harmony and navigating life's ups and downs with ease and confidence. Perhaps you join the us and the others who are now consciously creating their dreams

    Co-founder, creator, and leading expert in freeing others to Awakn™ their unique gifts and step into their authentic self, Jenine's method, based on healing the wounded child, guides you to reconnect with your Child Essence™, the Sacred You, where all solutions reside. 

    An award-winning, international, best-selling author, skillful subconscious facilitator, and world-renowned Inner-child specialist, she trains clients and practitioners globally with her method of releasing original wounds, while continually embodying and demonstrating a simple truth...that anything is possible when you believe! 

    An internationally board-certified trainer and acclaimed master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Carl is a master hypnotherapist, accredited astro-psychologist, and celebrated transformational coach, who commands a diverse range of modalities that ignite the human spirit.  

    With a passion to unlock personal potential, he works in the sphere of the unconscious, utilizing astrological axioms, universal laws, and the language of the subconscious, to release original wounds and Ignite Your Inner Spark™.

    Through perspectives, paralleled with powerful tools and techniques, Carl advises on how to purposefully influence interactions, past experiences, and future aspirations, while sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the secret principles to master your own life story. 

    Ignite Your SparK

    At the 2021 International Star Conference, a crowd of over 150+ Phycologists and various Mental Health professionals attended, as Jenine shared our proprietary methods for implementing lasting change, and the necessity to connecting with the Child Essence. Listen in as she shares key aspects of how we help clients transform and how you too can access what you wish for...now.

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