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Single Session

Congratulations on your decision.  It's exciting as you move to connect with your Sacred You™.   We are happy to offer our support. 

As a reminder, this purchase awards you a single individual sessions, hosted over a password-protected video chat platform, which is scheduled for 60-minutes in length.

It is equally necessary to remind you, as well as for you to acknowledge, that under the State of California Business and Professions Code, Secret To Life Institute™ makes the following disclosure about its offerings.

Secret To Life Institute is a professional practice that provides support and coaching services that are alternative and complementary to the healing arts services licensed by the state.

We provide services in accordance with the education, training, and field study in the specific areas of:

  • Hypnosis – Methods that bypass of the conscious mind and offer suggestions that induce change.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) – Use of subconscious principles, patterns, and language to increase resourcefulness.

  • Systemic Constellations – Techniques to reset, re-align, renew subconscious patterns and programs. 

  • T.I.M.E. – Tools to release unresourceful emotions and experiences.

  • Transformational Coaching–Performance enhancement with ongoing perspective, support, and direction.

  • Reiki / HypnoReiki– Methods to stimulate and support energy balance.

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques – For the release of stored energy and internal state management. 

  • These services are not licensed by the state and we are not licensed physicians. The services offered do not include the practice of medicine, psychology, or any other licensed arts.  They are rooted in uncovering self-awareness and the development of a resourceful personal and professional mindset. 

    With the above declared, and by proceeding to purchase your program, you acknowledge, understand, and agree with above information as well as the programs terms and conditions listed under the Service Agreement. 

    Thanks again for your decision to take action for more.

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