The Spiritual Dilemma And Toxic Positivity

The misrepresentation is happening amongst some who are looking for a more spiritual way of life that somehow believes a state of continual "positivity" is the way.

Feb 17, 2022

It's Time To Build Emotional Intelligence

You can go to school to learn math, learn how to write, learn how to work on cars, learn how to fly planes, and learn how to build bridges, BUT where is the school that...

Oct 12, 2021

Why It Really Hurts To Be Discarded

Many of us have gone through situations where suddenly someone we were close to in a relationship no longer communicates with us at all. No doubt this hurts, but

Oct 03, 2021

The Wild Side of The 8/8 Lion's Gate

While I believe every day holds significance, eight is the symbol of infinity and the constant flow of energy. It's also a gateway towards manifesting and...

Aug 08, 2021

9 Ways To Self-Sabotage Success

I trust you know that the vast majority of people unconsciously sabotage their own success. The questions to consider are why and how can you not join them. Let's explore.

Aug 12, 2021

Does Family Hold The Key To Emotional Resilience

Why is it that someone who went through mass genocide is able to find forgiveness, yet another is continually at war with an ex-spouse whom they once loved?

Jul 25, 2021

Your Baggage Goes With You

It's been almost a month since I moved my entire life to a foreign country and I must say, I'm doing pretty freak'n fantastic! Do you want to know...

Aug 08, 2021

Complaining Doesn't Do A Thing

You won't see me share anything complaining about external circumstances, frustrations about politics, or my stance on the state of current affairs. Why?

Aug 22, 2021

Adults Don't Argue!

When you notice yourself or another arguing, you may not realize that is not the adult that argues, blames, holds grudges, or does ill will to another, it is the wounded children that do.

Aug 01, 2021

Releasing Fear With Submodalities

Yet another example of the use of an NLP technology in daily interactions, this one stems from a family story.

May 31, 2021

Is There Life Beyond the Physical

Sometimes life casts a shadow that leaves us disconnected from the truth. Here's a personal story that speaks of such a journey. Enjoy.

May 27, 2021

How To Get What You Want

Have you ever noticed that some have a magnetic attraction and achieve whatever they desire easily and effortlessly? Then, there's the majority, who fail to make headway time and again. Perhaps...

Jun 21, 2021

Dealing With Unresourceful Memories

A discussion on why we replay unfavorable memories, why some linger repetitively, and, what can you do about releasing unresourceful thought patters

Jun 05, 2021

Slipping Out Of Consciousness

Have you wondered what causes one to slip out of consciousness into what feels like a deep sleep, rendering us disconnected, confused in a perpetual cycle of endless suffering? Let's explore.

Jun 15, 2021

10 Steps To Obtain Happiness

We all desire happiness, yet, it seems to be the one thing many struggle to obtain. Now, it's time to share a bit on how.

May 26, 2021

How Filters Shift Your Reality

Many believe that what they witness as their reality is the hard truth. Well, what if it wasn’t…what if what you believe becomes what you see, and that reality is subjective? Let's explore.

Apr 23, 2021

Coming from Inspiration vs. Desperation

There is a fundamental difference between being lead by desperation or motivated by inspiration, with the latter as the foundation for conscious creation.

Mar 15, 2021