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Empower Yourself, Achieve Emotional Well-being, and Transform Your Life With our Private Client Programs

Stop Letting Blockages Hold You Back

If you find yourself trapped in unfulfilling challenges, imagine embarking on a journey that not only addresses your current struggles but also dives deep into the roots of your challenges within your subconscious mind.  One that will empower you to access your inner-healer and emerge stronger and more enlightened.

Picture navigating beyond chaos, nurturing spiritual connections, and manifesting abundant success. It's time to awaken a deeper wisdom within you. It's time to ignite your true potential and access your most authentic expression.

Join our founders, Jenine Lori and Carl Schirtzer, on a sacred metamorphosis. Jenine specializes in healing the wounded inner child, while Carl, an internationally acclaimed expert in NLP, hypnotherapy, and astro-psychology brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Experience the power of two exceptional professionals working harmoniously, orchestrating transformative change with a dual-practitioner approach. This approach releases stored energy from childhood emotional trauma without delving into painful memories. Together, Jenine and Carl provide a life-changing catalyst, igniting resolution with precision.

Envision a 26-week journey exploring the depths of the unconscious mind and healing the wounds of the inner child. Through our four-phase approach, we will guide you in establishing a strong connection with your inner wisdom. Our weekly interactions are tailored to your subconscious needs, helping you uncover, identify, and transform unprocessed energy. With our guidance, you will experience emotional well-being and profound release in a surprisingly short amount of time, equipping you with the tools to become your own healer and overcome obstacles effortlessly.

Are you ready to embrace the transformative power of our dual-practitioner approach? Let's embark on this journey together! Take the first step towards your transformation by scheduling a private virtual chat with us below.

Change Is Simple, When You Know How

If you could quickly transform your challenges, problems, and obstacles with impressive ease, and move beyond blockages without reliving the pain or trauma, all while gaining self-empowering techniques to access magical moments and the most authentic, healthy version of yourself, what would it take for you to say 'yes' to changing your life now?

We Help To

  • Heal past traumas and end destructive patterns

  • Remove sabotaging blockages, limitations, and perceptions

  • Step away from chaos and emotionally draining experiences

  • Overcome self-destructive tendencies once and for all

  • Release feelings confined, trapped, or bound by anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt

  • Break away from the cycles of chronic stress, feeling anxious, or constantly overwhelmed

  • So You Can

  • Solidify an abundant flow of money, love, and success

  • Enjoy deeper connections in your relationships and experiences

  • Transmute your pain into personal growth, wisdom, and resilience

  • Maintain inner-peace, self-forgiveness, and emotional harmony

  • Unlock your purpose and pursuit your passions with motivation, consistency, and clarity 

  • Awaken creative potential, authentic self-expression, and become the master of your own inner-power

  • The Path To More Enjoyable Moments

    Dive into the profound world of inner-child healing with our co-founder and Inner-child Specialist, Jenine Lori. In this captivating video, Jenine explores the vital significance of nurturing a healthy connection with your child essence. Discover the transformative power of our 5-star pioneering change-work and take the first step towards unlocking your inner healer. 

    Schedule a private chat with us to start your transformative journey.

    Your Success is our Business

    Hear firsthand what's possible from those who've experienced the transformative journey of our Private Client Programs. Keep in mind that everyone's results are unique to them, but take a glimpse into the experiences of others:

    Testimonial Description of Client Success
    Testimonial Description of Client Success
    Testimonial Description of Client Success
    Reclaim Yourself :  26-Week Metamorphosis

    Join us on a evolutionary journey of change. Over 26 weeks, experience a tailored series of transformative shifts through our unique four-step approach, from wounded child to your inner-healer, while you propel beyond the ordinary, and into the '3 Playgrounds of the Unconscious': your Subconscious, the Collective, and Beyond.

    Our playfully gentle methods powerfully target original childhood wounds, dismantle emotional blockages, and release past trauma like no other program. We're here to support you, intently focusing on your transformative journey, while you are guided to reconnect with your inner-child, and move into your own conscious parent, to claim a deepened, loving connection with yourself and life's abundance.

    Each week, our meticulous approach responds to your subconscious needs, uncovering and transmuting 'stuck' energy through our conversations, hypnotic communication, and interactive techniques. As you release your weekly stresses and find a sense of peace and balance, we simultaneously build the necessary foundation for trust and connection with your child essence, so you can move beyond vulnerability and access personal power. All this, while you gain tools and understanding to become your own healer, empowering you to move overcome obstacles effortlessly, without the need for continual external support.

    Ready to embark on this empowering, life-changing journey with us? Schedule a private chat below to explore the possibilities.

    From Wounded Child To Inner-Healer


    Head With Thoughts on the Mind

    Extract Original Blockage Through Daily Triggers


    Thinking man pose with worried thoughts original wounds of child

    Address the Needs of the Wounded Child


    connecting with critical parent and reparenting th child essence

    Gain New Perceptions and Movement


    Person with peace on the mind, balance, alignment, flow, sacred you

    Solidify a Foundation for Inner-Healing

    The POWER DUO In Your Corner

    Jenine and Carl Power Couple

    Isn't It Time To Say 'Yes' To A Different Life

    Experience our life-changing method that gifts magical real-life, real-time transformations. Join us in weekly, 60-minute virtual sessions, where you'll actively engage in our highly-requested, dual-practitioner approach, so you can effortlessly move beyond obstacles, awaken to your inner wisdom, and lay the groundwork for a magical life.

    If you're ready to say 'yes' to a different life, join in our life-changing method and witness real-time, weekly transformations, and move beyond obstacles while you lay the groundwork for a magical life.

    Confirm Your Intentions

    Trepidation is not uncommon and questions are expected, yet desire is an absolute must. Only with that we change occur.

    Gain Clear Direction

    Picture your perfect outcome. What it looks and feels like. Then, make note of all the difference from your current situation.

    Schedule The Conversation

    Access the scheduler, by clicking the 'Schedule Now' button below.  Then, find the best time to have a 15-minute introduction phone call with someone from our team. 

    Share Your Situation

    Let's get down to the details and explore what you wish to gain, and whether this is the right fit for both you and us.  From there, the path is explained and the results can begins

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