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Remember The Deeper Truth of Who You Are


Transform unresourceful challenges, problems, and obstacles with great ease, and move beyond the past in a gentle and loving way, while you acquire the tools to live magical moments and in alignment with your most authentic, healthy, self.

  • Heal from trauma to mend a deeper connection with yourself, to others, and for life

  • Clear subconscious blockages, limitations, and perceptions, as you solidify an  abundant relationship with money

  • Achieve balance and acceptance  while finding clarity in today’s chaos and trust in a deeper truth

  • Gain the learnings to transmute physical and emotional pains into great strength for growth

  • Release feelings of shame, grief, fear, sadness, or anger, and allow for self-forgiveness and peace in your moments

  • Answer the calling to express what lives inside and  align with your authentic purpose  and divine inspiration

  • Unprecedented, Celebrated, and Acclaimed To Awaken Your  Inner Healer

    Watch and explore as Secret To Life co-founder and 'Inner-child Specialist', Jenine Lori shares the high importance of a healthy and trusted connection with your child essence and begin to grasp the nature and potency of our 5-star pioneering change-work.

    Evolve What It Means To Heal

    Beyond conventional and into the '3-playgrounds of the unconscious', we warmly guide you through your subconscious, the collective, and superconscious, in a warmly gentle and empowering process to release original wounds, emotional blockages, and trauma.

    While we love to listen and are always happy to chat, our simple, playful, and inquisitive interactions are meticulously orchestrated to uncover, identify, and transmute unprocessed 'stuck' subconscious energy, in a four-phase approach, so you can move beyond it for good, all while you begin to acquire the tools to become your own healer.

    Phase #1

    Head With Thoughts on the Mind

    Identify Original Wounds through Triggers and Daily Situations

    Phase #2

    Thinking man pose with worried thoughts original wounds of child

    Address and Support the Needs of the Wounded Child

    Phase #3

    connecting with critical parent and reparenting th child essence

    Create Order, Gain Learnings and Form New Resourceful Perceptions  

    Phase #4

    Person with peace on the mind, balance, alignment, flow, sacred you

    Solidify Your Foundation To Achieve a Healthy Sense of Self

    Do You Crave to Change Your Life

    It's been proven time and again that we each have the capacity to quickly shift our perspective and stimulate change, yet equally true is few are ready to leave the past behind them. So, check in. When you have a self-derived motivation and you have given yourself permission to move on and heal, you know you are ready...and we can help.

    Say Yes if...

  • Personal Difficulty
    You find yourself with dilemmas, emotional, mental, or physical unrest, relationship challenges, or have lost touch with joy, fun, or purpose...we can help!

  • Complicated Past
    You're challenged with pains from the past that resurface in your current moments, from abuse, abandonment, or early childhood difficulties and crave peace... we can help!

  • Relationship Disharmony
    When it's time to stop attracting toxic partners or dealing with dysfunctional relationship cycles, and you now wish for balanced healthy interactions with yourself and others...we can help!

  • Physical Challenges
    If you are confronted with a physical ailment that has yet to alleviate through traditional treatments, and wish to bring to light possible energetic imbalances which may correlate... we can help!

  • Coaches, Influencers, and Change-Workers

    When you're looking to further your reach, make a greater impact, or continue your own healing and wish to release your own blindspots to become a clearer channel for others...we can help!

  • Children, Young Adults
    If you would like to develop their emotional intelligence or move past a painful situation, all while preparing them with vital life lessons such as self-love, self-worth, and trust and alignment with their inner knowing... we can help!

  • Personal Growth
    You're in a good place, with little to no immediate concerns, and all is progressing, yet you desire to add to your capacity so you can continue to experience even more of life's benefits... we can help!

  • Review Our Programs & Pricing

    Allow Us An Introduction

    Our dual-practitioner signature approach provides a seamless combination of perspective and a comprehension which functions as a catalyst to ignite your resolution with tremendous precision, so it's good to get to know both of us.

    Jenine Lori Cofounder Secret To Life Institute, Inner Child Specialist

    Jenine Lori 

    Co-founder, creator, and leading expert in freeing others to awaken their unique gifts and step into their authentic self, Jenine's method, based on healing the wounded child, guides you to reconnect with your child essence, where all solutions reside. 

    An award-winning, international, best-selling author, skillful subconscious facilitator, and world-renowned Inner-child specialist, she trains clients and practitioners globally with her method of releasing original wounds, while continually embodying and demonstrating a simple truth...that anything is possible when you believe!

    Carl Schirtzer co-founder president Secret To Life Institute, Subconscious Specialist, NLP Board Certified Trainer, Astro=psychologist

    Carl Schirtzer

    An internationally board-certified trainer and acclaimed master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Carl is a master hypnotherapist, accredited astro-psychologist, and celebrated transformational coach, who commands a diverse range of modalities that ignite the human spirit.  

    With a passion to unlock personal potential, he works in the sphere of the unconscious, utilizing astrological axioms, universal laws, and the language of the subconscious, to release original wounds and ignite your inner spark.

    Through perspectives, paralleled with powerful tools and techniques, Carl advises on how to purposefully influence interactions, past experiences, and future aspirations, while sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the secret principles to master your own life story. 

    The POWER COUPLE  In Your Corner To Master Your Moments and Enjoy

    Let's discuss your next steps

    Partake in the transcending process to unwind unconscious patterns, move from trauma, and heal original wounds, all while you release limitations and reconnect with the deeper truth of who you are. 


    Organized by weekly virtual interactions of around 60 minutes in length, actively participate in our signature, dual-practitioner breakthrough approach, as Carl and Jenine's combined talents offer a catalyst to embody the secret to easily move beyond blockages, awaken to your authentic self, and solidify the foundation for a magical life.

    Now, for the steps...

    1 . Find The Motivation To Take Action

    Trepidation is common, and questions are welcome, yes desire is a must. Once you embody a commitment to change, we are ready.

    2.  Become Clear On The Focus

    Imagine one month after a successful experience together and think about that person you've become. Now, identify what's different from who you are today and see what changes.

    3. Notice Feelings That Present

    Bring your attention to what needs to be seen, heard, or felt, to gain the certainty that we are the best solution for your situation.

    4.   Schedule and Share Your Situation

    It is time to say "yes" and book a video chat, where we can offer clarity, shed light on the possibilities, and explore how best to start. 

    Choose Your HEALING PATH

    Private Program Options

    Secret To Life Logo outlined

    Sacred Transformation

    Expand into your unique energetic blueprint, through an empowering journey through all four phases of self-discovery, in our signature 90-day metamorphosis, to heal the wounded child, awaken to the greater aspects of your subconscious and align with your Sacred You™

    1,650 Monthly

    Total Investment $4,950

    Secret To Life Logo gold outlined

    Advanced Evolution

    Embody a grander connection to claim a second chance in life, through an evolutionary 26-week remembrance of truth, to move beyond limitations, confinement, and recycling trauma, and step into your most consciously aware, authentic self, able to master your moments and enjoy

    1,450 Monthly

    Total Investment $8,700

    Secret To Life Logo logo crest

    Awaken Synergy

    Partners, families, teams, and businesses each have an energetic blueprint, individual reflecting, interacting, and entangling into the whole. If you wish to gain dynamic efficiency, crystal clarity, and lasting momentum, its time we help you free up the subconscious blockages of the collective

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