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What You are looking for is already within you!

We help you access it by gently guiding you to the root of where all your challenges began. Through a process of reconnecting with your Inner-Child we help you transform original wounds into your greatest gifts to remember the truth of who you are. Let's finally release those wounds so you can step into alignment with your most Sacred You™

Imagine, when you...

  • Establish healthy boundaries, positive relationships, and self-confidence

  • Nix 'negative' emotions, limiting thinking, and end perpetual conflict for good

  • Remove undesired habits and destructive patterns that hold you back and continually resurface

  • Open up to passion, purpose, and a renewed perspective that empower your moments

  • Learn to step into inspiration, creativity, and a powerful vision of yourself, able to achieve what you desire, NOW

  • Simply put, when you connect to your Sacred You, problems begin to cease and life offers so much more! Isn't it time you gave yourself permission to live the life you deserve?

    HOw TO get what you want

    Others now know the secret to achieving their should you. The question is   "What will it be like when you?

    Step #1

    Identify a need for something different

    Step #2

    Share what you look to change

    Step #3

    Choose a program perfect for your desires

    Step #4

    Reconnect with your Sacred You

    We're here to help you transform your life

    We've learned the secret to living in harmony while navigating life's ups and downs with quickness, ease and confidence. Perhaps it's time you join us and the many others who are now living their dream!

    Co-founder, creator, and leading expert in freeing others to Awakn™ their unique gifts and step into their authentic self, Jenine's proprietary method, based in healing the wounded child, guides you to reconnect with your Child Essence™, the Sacred You, where all solutions reside. 

    An award-winning, international, best-selling author, skillful subconscious facilitator, and world renowned Inner-child specialist, she trains clients and practitioners globally with her simple method of releasing original wounds, while continually embodying and demonstrating a simple truth...that anything is possible when you believe! 

  • Release feelings of confinement, overwhelm, and mediocrity 

  • Inspire change with a deepened connection to your most sacred self

  • Reclaim your power and own your truth  

  • An internationally board-certified trainer and acclaimed master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Carl is a master hypnotherapist, accredited astro-psychologist, and celebrated transformational coach, who commands a diverse range of modalities that ignite the human spirit.  

    With a passion to unlock personal potential, he works in the sphere of the unconscious, utilizing astrological axioms, universal laws, and the language of the subconscious mind, to release original wounds and Ignite Your Inner Spark™.

    Through enlightening perspectives, paralleled with powerful tools and techniques, Carl advises on how to purposefully influence interactions, past experiences, and future aspirations, while sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the secret principles to master your own life story. 

  • Take control and let go of all that no longer serves you

  • Learn t0 consciously create what you want

  • Blast through problems, magnify possibilities, and unlock your potential

  • Who values most from our approach

    While everyone benefits from releasing the past and finding balance in the present, not all are ready. You must truly desire a change for change to occur. So, with that acknowledged, know that our Personal Client programs are...

    Perfect For

  • Individuals, Couples, and Families

    If you are navigating through dilemmas, experiencing persistent emotional, physical or relationship challenges, and have lost touch with the joy in life... we can help!

  • Children, Young Adults, and Little Buddhas

    If you wish to support a child in developing healthy emotional intelligence, self-love, self-worth, to trust in themselves and align with their sacred truth... we can help!

  • Thought Leaders, Influencers, and Change-Workers

    If you guide others and are looking to further your reach, make a deeper impact, and experience new skills that can further your craft… we can help!

  • Solution Finders, Spiritual Seekers, and Magic Makers

    If you're in search of truth, clarity, looking to heal, or on a journey to align with your authentic self... we can help!

  • Sabotagers, Procrastinators, and Perfectionists 

    If you succumb to continual blockages, hesitate to take action, or fail to achieve the success you deserve.... we can help!

  • Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Employees

    If you aim for personal success, work-life balance, increased efficiency, or to achieve your absolute best... we can help! 

  • Start-ups, Ventures, and Business Endeavors 

    If progress is limited, continual obstacles persist, or you're needing to infuse fresh energy, creativity, and ingenuity to your projects ... we can help!


  • Full Support and Guidance, Anywhere 

  • Private online video sessions for comfort and convenience

  • Direct-connect messaging, to support your in between moments

  • Timely insight when it's most valuable, to reset, re-align, and renew

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    All private client sessions focus on rebalancing the Child Essence through a proprietary method that guides you to gently release blockages


    Single Session

    A 60-min subconscious transformation, ideal for a lingering problem, one-off situation, or a need for a quick perspective shift to overcome a current situation

  • Clarity from Challenges and Obstacles in minutes

  • Peace from Dilemmas with simple Solutions

  • Powerful Changes that give Resolution... Now

  • $4,799.00

    Potential Reached™

    *Our most comprehensive life-changing experience

    Includes everything from Unlock Yourself, expanding deeper into your unique energetic blueprint over 12-Weeks to completely remove blockages, original wounds, solidifying a new found relationship with your Sacred You™, while supporting you to reestablish healthier beliefs so you can awaken to the life you desire

  • 12-Weeks of belief-busting Transformational Coaching

  • 12-Individual Sessions to heal past wounds and propel a powerful future

  • On-Demand Direct Message Guidance

  • Layers of the Mind Success & Abundance Reset

  • $1,297.00

    Unlock Yourself™

    4-Weeks of focused subconscious transformation, to connect with your Child Essence™ and release deep patterns that prevent you from achieving what you wish

    • 4-Individual Sessions dedicated to releasing original wounds 

    • Direct Message support to solidify your new learnings and patterns

    • Tools and Understandings to Resolve Life's Challenges with Ease

    After Saying Yes

    Imagine What You'll share

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