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An Empowering Journey that Actually Shifts How You Experience Life


Be a part in our pioneering, internationally acclaimed method, and gain access to the true root of your challenges without a need to re-experience painful memories or trauma, so you can finally move beyond the past and into your evolution.

  • Eliminate undesired subconscious habits and patterns to weed out self-destructive tendencies

  • Defuse 'negative' emotions, beliefs, and conflict, to stop sabotaging your happiness and success

  • Grow beyond toxicity and into nourishing, healthy connections with yourself and others

  • Finally acquire peace from past difficulties and transcend pain into purpose

  • Release blockages, master emotional intelligence and gain tools to navigate adversities with ease

  • Awaken inspiration, stimulate creativity, and actualize into the person you came here to be

  • Allow Us An Introduction

    Because you're here, you're most likely looking for solutions to better your life. So, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jenine Lori, Co-founder of The Secret to Life™ Institute™ and Creator of the highly potent and amazingly simple program, which releases original wounds and deep subconscious blockages, without the need to resurface the pain of the past. Since you are looking for solutions, it's good that you are here. 

    In our programs, we guide others to move through emotions and perceived limitations, which are showing in the current moment, with a combination of Inner-child work, re-parenting techniques, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy and other transformative subconscious methodologies. Our process is founded on the belief that the overwhelming majority of difficulties from simple anxiety to the most complex of mental health challenges, are a symptomatic picture of childhood post-traumatic stress syndrome, and that in order to live in harmony, move beyond suffering, and receive benefits of other healing modalities, we must first heal the foundation, our connection to our most pure, sacred self... our Child Essence™.

    I first came across the profound method that we now share through my own personal healing journey and transformation. Having always deemed myself a forward thinker, someone who's always been proactive in ways to better myself, I found myself, like many, at a place where I had no choice but to listen to the screaming wounded little girl inside. 

    I had gone to countless courses, worked with some of the best specialists in the world, traveled to different countries working with wise sages, medicine men and women, alongside having a background in Psychology with a Masters degree in Psychology and Art Education, yet it still wasn't enough to soften the voice of an Inner-child in turmoil having a tantrum. 

    It wasn't a mystery to me that I grew up under difficult circumstances, surrounded by mental illness, raised in an environment where personality disorders prevailed. I'd often pride myself on how I was able to be so emotionally resilient, having gotten myself through relatively unscathed with what I believed to be little emotional damage. My prior experiences were one of the driving factors in my quest for knowledge. I figured if I could gain a working understanding of how to navigate the choppy waters of the minds of others, then I'd be good! 

    Yet still, I began finding myself making choices that were sabotaging my relationships, my health and my overall well-being, despite the countless methods I'd practiced over the years and my wealth of knowledge. Even more so, I began recognizing my tendency to move into unresourceful states, think poorly of myself and have what I call "the inner critic" calling the shots. I now know it wasn't my own voice telling me those unkind things or making those unconscious decisions, but the voices left over from earlier memories. I also saw how I was beginning to show signs of the very traits which I swore I'd never become, while also attracting difficult personality dynamics into my life. During some of my darkest moments after hitting rock bottom during a difficult time, I began to search for something deeper than what I was finding in conventional methods. I started my journey uncovering Inner-child work, where I began to recognize who it was that needed healing and how to get myself out of the dysfunctional operating systems which were running my life. It was through a deepened connection with my Inner-child, merged with my partner's mastery of the subconscious realms, that I finally began to find the path toward freedom

    Having come through to the other side, being given the opportunity to work with countless people from all over the world as an Inner-child specialist, I have yet to find a single person whose current challenges aren't rooted in core issues stemming from childhood. Because of this, we have not experienced anyone who hasn't responded favorably to this level of therapy, which combines Inner-child work with the most effective techniques to transform subconscious imprints. It is our firm belief that regardless of any diagnosis" difficulty or challenge, anyone can heal and benefit from all we share. The only requirements are a willingness to show up, to be present in the process, and a craving to live happily and healthily. 

    We look forward to connecting with you on your journey towards well-being. Thank you for trusting in yourself and for saying YES to YOU! 

    With love,

    Jenine suspended in air

    Do You Crave To Change Your Moments?

    It's been proven time and again that we each have the capacity to quickly shift our perspective and stimulate a new outcome. Yet equally true is few are ready to leave the past behind them. So, check in. When you have a self-derived motivation and you have given yourself permission to move on and heal, then you're ready...and we can help.

    Say Yes if...

  • Personal Difficulty

    You find yourself with dilemmas, emotional, mental, or physical unrest, relationship challenges, or have lost touch with joy, fun, or purpose...we can help!

  • Complicated Past

    You're challenged with pains from the past that resurface in your current moments, from abuse, abandonment, or early childhood difficulties and crave peace... we can help!

  • Relationship Disharmony

    When it's time to stop attracting toxic partners or dealing with dysfunctional relationship cycles, and you now wish to find balanced healthy interactions with yourself and others.. we can help!

  • Physical Challenges

    If you are confronted with a physical ailment that has yet to alleviate through traditional treatments, and wish to bring to light possible energetic imbalances which may correlate... we can help!

  • Coaches, Influencers, and Change-Workers

    When you're looking to further your reach, make a greater impact, or continue your own healing and wish to release your own blindspots to become a clearer channel for others...we can help!

  • Children, Young Adults

    If you would like to develop their emotional intelligence or move past a painful situation, all while preparing them with vital life lessons such as self-love, self-worth, and trust and alignment with their inner knowing... we can help!

  • Personal Growth

    You're in a good place, with little to no immediate concerns, and all is progressing, yet you desire to add to your capacity so you can continue to experience even more of life's benefits... we can help!

  • Let's Talk

    Wherever You Are We Support You

    Who you identify as, what you value, and beliefs you hold true, set a stage for your interactions, well-being, and success, which can be the source of your problems and adversity or can align you with your most authentic desires, so with that we created a plethora of options to ensure wherever you are on your healing journey, we have it to support you.



    Enjoy our unprecedented collection of tranquil pre-recorded healing audio sessions, each specifically orchestrated in a beautifully soft and loving way to evolve your capacity to heal.



    Dive into a diverse range of transformative courses to uncover powerful principles, awaken your deeper truth, and explore the healing potential of the subconscious and of your child essence.



    Step into the awe-inspiring field of the quantum collective in our leader-led, exclusive virtual group programs, where you heal and transform alongside a small group of others through our acclaimed methodologies.



    Catalyze your evolution with individualized attention, while releasing unresourceful problems, challenges, and obstacles with ease, as you learn to live your moments as your most authentic and successful self.

    Unconscious Realms Where Evolution Resides

    Enjoy listening from our YouTube collection, where Carl Schirtzer, co-founder of The Secret To Life, shares metaphors and explanations of three 'Unconscious realms' (termed  'Playgrounds'), where almost all problems and solutions reside, and which are vital to access immediate and lasting subconscious changes.


    Through a story on how memories filter our view of current events, experience a peek into the nature of how one perceives reality, while hearing about the keeper of memories, and why change is often difficult.


    In referencing a wise Ram Das metaphor, listen to a discussion on systemic work and the systems we are a part of, the notions of the sum being unique to the parts, and how you can move beyond the past and choose differently. 


    Through common times in life and universal axioms, enjoy this exploratory conversation around the most encompassing unconscious realm and the hues of energy that surround our continuous daily experiences.

    Expand What It Means To Heal

    Beyond conventional and into the '3-playgrounds of the unconscious', we warmly guide you through your subconscious, the collective, and superconscious, in a warmly gentle and empowering process to release original wounds, emotional blockages, and trauma.

    While we love to listen and are always happy to chat, our simple, playful, and inquisitive interactions are meticulously orchestrated to uncover, identify, and transmute unprocessed 'stuck' subconscious energy, in a four-phase approach, so you can move beyond it for good, all while you begin to acquire the tools to become your own healer.

    Phase #1

    Head With Thoughts on the Mind

    Identify Original Wounds through Triggers and Daily Situations

    Phase #2

    Thinking man pose with worried thoughts original wounds of child

    Address and Support the Four Needs of the Wounded Child

    Phase #3

    connecting with critical parent and reparenting th child essence

    Create Order, Gain Learnings and Form New Resourceful Perceptions  

    Phase #4

    Person with peace on the mind, balance, alignment, flow, sacred you

    Solidify your Foundation to Achieve a Healthy Sense of Self

    Unprecedented, Celebrated, and Acclaimed To Empower Your Inner-Healer

    Watch and explore as co-founder and Inner-child Specialist, Jenine Lori shares the high importance of a healthy and trusted connection with the child essence, as you begin to grasp the nature and potency of our 5-star pioneering change-work.

    Awareness Can Be Immensely Powerful, So Too Are Our Collection of  Writings

    Jump head-first into a range of articles, writing, and blog posts, and discover golden nuggets to support your journey of healing from the past and transforming your future.

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