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Complaining Doesn't Do A Thing

Aug 22, 2021

You won't see me share anything complaining about external circumstances, frustrations about politics, my stance on the state of current affairs, or even dwelling for too long about something I disagreed with. Why? Because I've learned that it doesn't do a damn thing to change anything in my life!

Complaining isn't a way to shift external circumstances for the better, so that was an unresourceful pattern I had to leave way behind. Sure, I have opinions... a lot of them! And it does make us feel better to vent. It's necessary for us to express our emotions when something difficult comes up at the moment as a form of release. But healthy release through the expression of our emotions is different than complaining. Healthy expression is followed by letting go after communicating whereas complaining is the inability to let go.

It doesn't do anything to actually shift a situation either, if anything it can even make it worse because the focus is placed on accentuating the negative and usually in areas where we don't actually have any control. You can't change another person or an external situation, you can only change your response to it.

So instead of complaining when something difficult or frustrating comes my way, I now look for solutions within myself on how I can respond to it productively. I ask myself the question, what can I do to shift this within myself, and most importantly how am I at cause? I look to myself to see if there is anything I can personally do in the situation that brings a positive outcome and of course I always practice the tools we share with others.

I know it can be really tempting to complain about situations that frustrate us, but there are ways to make positive changes in your life.

Of course, if you need support in breaking the cycle of staying stuck in a difficult pattern, we are always here to help!

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