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Creating Abundance Through Inner Child Healing

Nov 30, -0001

Let's talk about our relationship with money and how it applies to Inner-child work. I have mentioned many times that our early childhood sets the stage for our relationship with life itself, and money is no exception.

Money is energy. Big energy, as we have connected its representation to our ability to provide for ourselves and our basic needs. To have food, shelter, and all of the necessities that keep us safe and well-nourished. It brings us not only sustenance but peace of mind when it comes to staying alive as well. When I work with someone who is having trouble with money, at the core it's showing an Inner-child who's disconnected themselves from the flow of life.

There's a lot of negative stigma around money which I feel comes from deeply rooted family trauma of survival. There are many who still continually go into trauma surrounding money or lack thereof. Just the thought of having to pay bills or losing a job can bring on major anxiety and for good reason. Without resources, we struggle a great deal in our current society.

Yet some people seem to have an easier time with money and attracting it into their lives. Is it just luck or is there more to it?

From my perspective, I believe there is. I also believe anyone can heal their relationship with money, it's not luck but a mindset. Usually, it takes going back to the root and taking an honest look at what money represents to an individual, what it represents to the child within... survival!

We need to recognize that if there is a fear associated with lack of money, it has everything to do with the Inner-child not having their needs met at some point or possibly having something taken away. Usually, this tends to be a repeated pattern that was passed down generationally in childhood.

Perhaps families struggling from generation to generation living in poverty. Think about how many people had relatives who lived through the great depression, or those who sought to live in a different country for a better opportunity. Statements like "money doesn't grow on trees", or, "work is hard" and "nothing in life comes for free" are statements many children heard while growing up. The energy sticks with them well into adulthood regardless of current circumstances.

Many times the family system one is raised in may also encourage a child to work hard to get out of the feelings of lack. But what I've seen in my own practice, even working with multimillionaires who are very successful, is that they still don't feel satisfied or if it's enough. They can either become serial entrepreneurs overarching with endless projects never feeling satisfied or hoard their money constantly concerned they'll lose everything they have. And sometimes they do! The point is, even if money and status are achieved, the individual will still be living in the mentality of fear of lack.

Why? Because the original wound was never addressed. The Inner-child is still harboring the feeling that they are missing sustenance and their connection to life force energy is cut off. If someone doesn't heal the wounded Inner-child and truly connect to their life force energy, obtaining money won't fix it. We must address the original wound for the imbalance to resolve.

So how do we heal our relationship to money or shall I say life force energy because remember, they are most definitely interconnected?

The disconnect to life force energy always begins in early childhood and it manifests in any or all of the major areas of life. Be it relationships, health or financial prosperity, and sometimes all of the above. Our work is always the same, to go back to the source where it all began... to the child essence!

To heal our relationship with money we must first heal our relationship with our own life force energy. By allowing yourself to open up to be nurtured and provided for, you allow yourself to receive and align with the flow of life.

Sometimes this can take a bit of time to allow the adjustment of energy to flow in. Perhaps we've been taught from a very young age to give all of ourselves to others and essentially cut ourselves off in the process. But soon enough with the diligent practice of self-love through loving your Inner-child (as if you would give love to any child), you will feel the results.

More opportunities will present and instead of blocking it, you will begin to align with allowing them to flow into your life simply because you are aligning with life itself.
I welcome you to take the steps to shift your relationship with your life force energy now. Every Inner-child deserves to be nurtured and feel the abundance of life... including YOU!

With love,

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