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Does Family Hold The Key To Emotional Resilience

Jul 25, 2021

Some food for thought for those interested in real change...

It's recently been brought to my attention by clients, as well as by paying attention to the collective, how many people are currently being triggered by old traumas coming to the surface for review. 

In my work, I get to connect with people from all over the world who are working through deep emotional wounds that have left scars that still haven't healed. As someone who studies human behavior, I'm fascinated by how people move through trauma differently. Why is it that someone who went through mass genocide in Rwanda is able to find forgiveness yet another is continually at war with an ex-spouse whom they once loved?

I've sought out to understand this intriguing aspect of human behavior. Why do some people who go through considerable difficulties move through it quickly while others hold on to the pain for longer, continuing to suffer for many years? First off, I've come to understand through my own personal experience that trauma is subjective and not to be judged or minimized. If anything, we frequently diminish the depths of pain found in an experience and in doing so, do not allow ourselves to truly feel the experience. It seems justified for someone who just experienced mass genocide to go through an emotional process, but what about the pain of a child feeling abandoned at a young age? This too can bring up extreme emotions of loss, even a fear of death to a child who does not comprehend how to care for themself. Emotional wounds left unexpressed and repressed do not just go away either. The need to heal them eventually will surface in our lives to trigger the healing.

But what about resilience?

Why are some souls able to move through their process easier than others? I've found that much of this answer is actually found in relation to our family dynamics (Inherited patterns that we take on unconsciously for the family, which begin to surface as our wounds in childhood.)

Are these wounds even our own or are they something the child took on for the family at a very young age?

Here in this lies the answer and my suspicion are most likely the wounds do not originally belong to the child. The child will take them on in an attempt to unconsciously serve and help others out of love. A pattern that continues for generations to help heal the family. The child loves and will do anything from their heart space. It doesn't work, of course, hence the unresolved generational traumas passed down for years.

So how do we break this pattern? If the wounds do not belong to the child how can we get past this dynamic? Essentially it doesn't matter where the pattern originated and what the "story" is. We can break any cycle by working through the child essence and releasing the pattern from there. By doing this, we also heal your previous and future generations which is a beautiful thing!

As far as that original question on resilience...

I've found that cultures that are more connected to their family dynamic and consciously express themselves freely and openly tend to move through their trauma more quicker. A fascinating realization for sure!

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