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The Healing Power of Expressing from your Inner Child

Sep 12, 2021

I used to be the type of person who would speak rashly as soon as something came up. I wouldn't think about my words, I just needed to express whatever came up, instantly at the moment.

I used my voice as a form of protection. I'd lash out with words at the first sign of a "disturbance in the force". I learned through my experience that this was a form of processing emotions for me. It was a good thing to express, but much of the time it was coming from an imbalance.

I didn't think before I spoke, I would just speak as soon as something came up that bothered me.


After I began to sit with my patterns and non objectively observe them, I noticed that open expression was always necessary for me since I was very young. If anything happened, I always had to communicate my feelings to the other person, or else it would eat away at me inside.

Years down the road, once I began doing the work I do now, I recognized the need for expression as paramount to healing and overall well-being for just about everyone. We all feel this on some level or else therapy as we know it today wouldn't exist right? The feeling of getting our emotions validated is very important to the human psyche. 


Still, I wanted to understand this more. As talk therapy is a good release, similar to venting, when something came up, it didn't quite "solve" the issue for me. I was still left with this nagging feeling inside. Seeking the "closure" that didn't really exist, especially when we can't openly discuss an issue with someone directly, (which is generally most of the time, to be honest).


This is where I began to dig deeper. I wanted to know WHO it was within myself that really needed to express. Who did I really need validation from? What were the bigger emotions that were lurking underneath the triggers that were seemingly creating so much pain in my current situation?


I started to go into the feelings behind each moment whenever the need for expression and validation came up. Each time I'd go back to moments where I'd experienced similar feelings until I saw a pattern emerging.

I began to recognize that each experience was connected to a moment that I first experienced early on in life. A moment that was difficult, and I didn't have an understanding of how to process it at that point, which still bothered me now.

That's when I began to identify that the one who needed to speak and be heard was my Inner-child. I also began to recognize that there was a part of myself who was able to listen to her. She was readily available for her to allow her to speak through anything she needed at any time AND... she had all the answers for everything the child needed to hear too!


This opened up the beginning of my journey to becoming my own self-guided parent. From there I was able to work through my emotions speaking to that part of myself that really needed to be seen, heard, validated, and unconditionally loved. 


This has helped me become the avid communicator that I am today, who no longer uses my voice to unconsciously wound others, but as a healing mechanism to empower others to find their way.

About Jenine

Co-founder, creator, and leading expert in freeing others to awakn™ their unique gifts and step into their authentic self, Jenine's propriety method, based on healing the wounded child, guides you to reconnect with your child essence™, the Sacred You™, where all solutions reside. 

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