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How To Get What You Want

Jun 21, 2021

Have you ever noticed that some people have a magnetic attraction and achieve whatever they desire easily and effortlessly? Then, there's the majority, who fail to make headway time and again. Having desires and setting goals are not uncommon, and these topics have been tested, measured, and pondered, for ages. Yet, most people struggle to get what they want. Moreover, those magnetic few find continual success, as if there were a secret to achievement or something unknown by most. Well, there is…and it’s a formula with specific principles, some of which I present here. To get what you want, consider the following.


Where’s Your Focus


When asked the question, “What do you want?”, the common response is what people don’t want. Many struggle to articulate a positive desire at first response. Herein presents a leading opportunity. Your first response demonstrates the thought patterns within. It displays the direction of your focus, either towards pleasure or away from pain. The key message to take with you is this…you get what you focus on, so it’s time to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Recognize the direction of your thoughts and make adjustments when necessary. 


Don’t Set Goals


Think about it…the word ‘goal’ implies something not yet achieved, so, no wonder we don’t reach it. Conversely, a common habit of achievers is to set a desired ‘outcome’. While this may sound like semantics, it is a fundamental principle of the workings of the subconscious mind. The formation of an outcome ignites a catalyst toward getting what you want. 


Make it Real


Be specific, as it helps to elicit emotions and an internal image of the outcome. Ask yourself…how will I know when I’ve achieved this (outcome)? Then, form a picture in your mind’s eye that displays your response. What does the image look like? Are there any sounds or feelings? Notice what is happening and capture all its details. Then, see yourself in the image, as you experience the achieved outcome. The more realistic, the more it propels you forward.


Take Action


For achievement to occur, action must be taken on the physical plane. While it helps to maintain positive thoughts, and perhaps daily meditations or affirmations, until physical activity is performed, which supports your desires, the outcome rarely comes to fruition. Always do something tangible with purposeful movement which will move the needle forward. The more immediate the effort, the sooner you stimulate momentum.


Pay Attention to Results


All actions create results that provide feedback. Check-in from time to time and gauge your direction. See each result, or lack thereof, as a means to understand what changes are needed. Then take steps to stay aligned with the desired outcome. This is the ebb and flow of progress. Those who find success carry the notion that there is no failure…only feedback.

Be Willing to Change


I trust you’ve heard that doing the same thing time and again while expecting a different result is unrealistic. To get what you want, release expectations, learn what works, and adjust where needed. The person with the most behavioral flexibility has a greater advantage.


Focus on Excellence


Achieving desires runs parallel with the energy and gratitude you embody. To get what you want, it helps to be in a state of allowing. Have a dedication to excellence and an appreciation of the process. Avoid the trap of perfection. It is something one continually seeks, which, in essence, is a belief of not having it. This opposes the energy of achievement. Be excellent in your pursuit and leave perfection behind.   


Release Negative Internal Dialog


Let go of the emotions that hold so many hostages, as well as limiting internal dialog which prevents you from getting what you want. This allows you to align with your desires. Those who are congruent with their intentions often experience synchronicities that lead to the wanted outcome. When you connect subconscious actions with conscious desires, achievement becomes easy and effortless.  




Those who maintain a magnetic attraction adopt these principles and others as a roadmap to continued achievement. For some, it’s a natural response to life. For others, it takes effort and energy before it becomes a natural reaction. That said, these principles can be easily added to one’s day. Start by clearly identifying what it is you want and begin to live life on your terms!


About Carl Schirtzer

An internationally board-certified trainer and acclaimed master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Carl is a master hypnotherapist, accredited astropsychologist, and celebrated transformational coach, who commands a diverse range of modalities that Awakn™ the human spirit.  

With a passion to unlock personal potential, he works in the sphere of the unconscious, utilizing astrological axioms, universal laws, and the language of the subconscious mind, to release original wounds and Ignite Your Inner Spark™.

Through enlightening perspectives, paralleled with powerful tools and techniques, Carl advises on how to purposefully influence interactions, past experiences, and future aspirations, while sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the secret principles to master your own life story.