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It's Time To Build Emotional Intelligence

Oct 12, 2021

People are not TRAINED on how to be good people! Think about it... You can go to school to learn math, learn how to write, learn how to work on cars, learn how to fly planes, and learn how to build bridges, BUT where is the school that teaches you how to be compassionate? Where is the school that teaches you how to be empathetic? Where is the school that teaches you how to be kind? Where is the school that teaches you how to listen to others? WHERE IS THE SCHOOL THAT TEACHES YOU HOW TO LOVE? 

Behaviors are taught, learned, and reinforced through experiences as a child grows over time. Children learn by watching others, and modeling what is in front of them. Schools don't teach self-love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Adults didn't learn it either. Many are still trying to figure out how to live in a world that judges and values ego needs over basic human emotions. It's assumed that love and compassion are intrinsic to our nature, which generally they are. Yet when we put more emphasis on fear, modeling a world of separation, what skills do you think a child strengthens? Is it safe to love? Is it safe to forgive? Do kindness and compassion prevail when we are upset with someone? Should it, in a world where one can no longer trust the very foundation of our human nature?

The choice has been to teach children to fear because fear has been ingrained in our DNA. Fear has been the predominant energy fueling the world for centuries. Adults are not to blame for this. How could they be? They themselves were never taught to move beyond fear as children. Fear was drilled into them when they were young. I hear my parent's generation joking about getting the belt. As if that's really even funny?

Sure the golden rule was put out there, as they watched contradictory messaging in a world that argues, blames, and says hurtful things to each other, where relationships end, sometimes even fatally over disagreements. What kind of confusion does this present to our children? To ourselves?

It pains me to see and even have my own experiences with people who have been so blinded by their wounds that they have chosen anger over kindness, hate over love, war over peace, and fear over true liberation.

I too have been there. I have been the wounded who has wounded others through my own confusion. I have done things unconsciously that may have instilled messages of fear just the same. I have lived my own path where the negative patterns have been so entrenched that it felt almost impossible to break.

And yet I still chose to get through it and move beyond it. To train me to learn skills that were never taught to me. Skills, honestly, never taught to many. To choose to be kind even when someone was hurtful. To see how love would respond and follow its guidance, knowing it may not change anything other than something deeper within myself, which ultimately changed everything!!!

I do feel sadness for those who are stuck in their pain. As I know their suffering will inevitably show up again and again, even if it's temporarily covered up by fleeting happiness until they choose to finally let it all go.

I've also learned that adults need to desire to seek change within themselves for anything to shift AND take responsibility for their own part in their life circumstances.

As far as our children go, however, they ARE asking for our support. They ARE looking for our guidance and they ARE hoping we lead them in the right direction so they can make better choices for themselves in the future.

Because we at the Secret to Life Institute are dedicated to change and CAN be a part of the solution, we will soon be launching our newest endeavor called...

Connected Kids, a program designed to inspire kids to learn a new way of being that emphasizes self-love and acceptance for all that they are in a time when they need it the most!

We trust that those of you who are passionate about really making a positive impact in the world, especially where it will actually be felt... for our children, will join and support this movement!

Stay tuned for more details and updates on Connected Kids in the near future.

As always,

Sending Love

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