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Is There Life Beyond the Physical

May 27, 2021

Is there life beyond the physical? I like to believe there is. And if so, how? Sometimes life casts a shadow on us that can leave us disconnected from the truth. The truth is that impermanence only resides in the physical and that life lives on through one thing... Love

I'm going to share a recent experience I had with you. It's a bit long, but hopefully, it's worth the read.

About a month ago my grandfather passed away. He was very special to me. We weren't blood-related. My grandmother married him as her second marriage. But they were love at first sight, soulmates. They shared a special bond and instilled in me the beauty of what love could be. I believe my grandmother was an angel in my life. She was my "person". I could do no wrong in her eyes. We shared a special connection. The kind where time and space didn't matter. She knew me. Was the one who called and told me to go to the hospital when I was sick and first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes... she felt it!

When my grandmother began to develop Alzheimer's it was particularly difficult for me. One day she was just "gone", yet still here. She didn't know me anymore. I couldn't reach her, not even in spirit. Where did she go?

A year or so before she "left" she gifted me a near-perfect diamond. She saved it to give to whomever I would marry and Carl surprised me with it set into an engagement ring. I cherished it! It was the last thing I had of her and it held within it the magic of life to me. I am not one for material things. I don't care for expensive jewelry and don't need much, it's cost value never mattered to me. It was what it meant that I cared about. I only took it off a few times. It was a continual reminder of the deeper meaning of love and a gift from someone I held so close to my heart.

As I began to sell nearly every belonging I had in preparation for our move out of the country I'd frequently look down at my ring and think "I don't care about any of this "stuff", as long as I have my ring!"

A week after I got the news that my grandfather passed away I looked down at my hand and noticed the diamond in my wedding ring was missing! It completely vanished! I spent days looking for it. Walked up and down the streets hoping I might find it. I literally tore the house apart looking. I didn't find it. My heart sank and so did I into what felt like deep sleep.

For days I couldn't function, I felt numb. I didn't understand. Not only did I just say goodbye to my grandfather but what is the meaning of this NOW, as I say goodbye to everything?

The pain in my heart was immense. I didn't want to make sense of any of it. How could I? The one "thing" that reminded me that all was well was gone, just like that, in an instant! It wasn't ok!

I believed after my grandmother passed on she used to come to me as a butterfly. Since then every time I'd see one I knew she was sending me messages of hope. This time when I saw the butterfly pass me I didn't smile or feel any better, I felt angry! The little girl inside me was mad. She was feeling like the magic of life was gone and that the beauty of love was lost. She literally screamed out loud saying "how could you leave me now? Why is this happening?" She cried and cried and cried.

As the tears streamed down my face I heard a voice from deep down inside. I believe it was my grandmother saying..."You don't need that diamond anymore! Our love remains. I live within you, within your heart and this can never be lost no matter what leaves you in the physical. I am with you always".

I heard the message pretty clearly and while the pain was still there, I was able to understand it.

That day I decided to go to the jeweler and find a new stone for my ring. One that will remind me of the days I moved deeper into my heart and let go of my illusions. I chose a white Sapphire, also my birthstone.

Impermanence definitely hurts! We mourn the loss of what once was, but I believe the love we share through heartfelt connection is never truly lost. It's still there if we want it to be. All we need to do is open our hearts to feel it.

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