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Mental Illness is No Longer a Personal Matter

Apr 19, 2022

I got into the work that I do because I wanted to somehow make a difference in the world, in people's lives. It didn't take a genius to know that we live in a world that was hurting, driven by fear, where many suffer from some"thing". 

I had a desire from a young age to understand why humans became sick and were predominantly unhappy. Driven mostly by my own circumstances, I set out to learn as much as I could about the psychology of human behavior. I wanted to know why so many suffered so much, including myself at times during life. I became fascinated with mental illness because it was so prevalent. There was something really intriguing about it to me. Mostly because it was SO prominent in society. To come across someone who was experiencing emotional difficulties was almost the norm. And that's where it got interesting... 

At a certain point, it felt like almost EVERYONE I knew had something going on, both in the media and personally. I also noticed a world becoming obsessed with mental illness. Suddenly everyone and their grandmother knew a Narcissist, had anxiety, depression, or some kind of "disorder". Toxic relationships became the hot topic. Few hadn't experienced one. And the truth was, they weren't off! Most were experiencing dynamics that were downright dysfunctional. 

Of course, as a counselor, it was difficult to navigate. How is it that so many are experiencing some form of mental disharmony? We're trained to believe that only a small percentage of people actually fall into the category of mental illness, so this was causing a conundrum for me. 

I remember one day having such an overwhelming amount of people showing up in my life with problems that I literally asked myself the question... 

"Has the world gone crazy?" 

Then a light bulb went off in my head... Yes, because the world is sick!

And it wasn't meant as a joke either. I felt this in my core. 

Then it dawned on me... 

Mental illness is not an individual problem anymore, it's a massive global problem. A problem that began with early childhood wounds, and passed from generation to generation, unconsciously and unknowingly. And now, a massive epidemic is happening of wounded children growing up into wounded adults, with problems too "big" to recognize that it ALL started when they were small. 

And now... The world IS wounded! 

So, it's to be expected that people will be individually experiencing this as it's the norm now. Like drinking tainted water from a well. In a sick world, it is difficult for individuals to be healthy and we shouldn't expect it either. 

Humans will do anything to survive and most importantly to belong. Such patterns of being wounded are rewarded in our current society now, it's the norm. So is it any wonder why mental dysfunction has grown to epic proportions? 

To me at this point, focusing on an actual diagnosis of a mental illness is a pointless undertaking. It's good to be aware of, but it's to be expected that most will be granted some form of emotional imbalance to work through at some point in their lives. Yes... ALL of us! So if anyone thinks they can escape it or they have nothing to personally work through they're drinking their own neon rainbow-colored.

When I came to this revelation my focus began to change. While I still study mental illness and patterns it's for a very different purpose now. I'm only interested in connecting current behaviors with the early childhood wounds that create them. The rest is just part of a story. 

I personally feel that nurturing ourselves to health by going back to the root within ourselves is the most effective way to heal not only ourselves but the world. So this is why healing the wounded child within is now my focus.

With Love,

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