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Navigating  a World of Wounded Children

Oct 30, 2021

For those who don't know me, I'm an extremely passionate person! Once I find something I believe in I'm 100% committed to the cause. Not only am I passionate, but I genuinely care about people. I want to help them, because why the heck not?

I may be amongst those who still believe in the good of humanity, even when people may show otherwise through their unconscious actions. I've been hurt... a lot actually! Yet it takes guts to get back up, move on and turn my wounds into my greatest gifts which I embrace to help support others.

That's what an adult does right? You would think.

It all started to make sense when I saw the world as it is... a world where a bunch of wounded children was running the show, making unconscious choices from their unprocessed pain points from childhood.

At one point, I too was stuck in my own delusions where my wounds were preventing me from living a healthy life. Yet, once I was able to become conscious of this, it changed everything for me... and quickly too!

Not only did it change how I showed up in my own life, but it also changed my perspective of how I saw others responding. How could I hold on to anger when the person I was having a disagreement with was acting like a small child? I literally began to see that every adult I had a conflict with was acting like a child having a tantrum. And in truth... they really were!

So I began recognizing people tantruming, arguing, and acting crazy as wounded children and treated them as I would any child, myself included.

This realization wasn't for me to make excuses for the behavior and allow it to continue. It simply brought awareness so I could work on myself and also let go of those relationships where I wasn't in alignment with those who essentially were still stuck and unwilling to move beyond it yet. How could an adult have an adult conversation with a child? It's simply not possible! When you think about it, it seems ridiculous doesn't it?

Instead, I began doing work on myself, realizing I couldn't have adult conversations with a kid. I started responding to these people as you would any tantruming child and sometimes that meant giving them a long time out. I don't recommend telling a tantruming adult about this though. They wouldn't respond favorably. The realization is for you, your own process, and how you show up in your own life circumstances. Once you have this awareness, it's liberating!

That all being said, when we heal that wounded child we allow for the healthy expression of that energy to shine through...the energy of the charismatic, carefree, playful, fun-loving, creative genius. That's the energy I choose to bring forth in my world now. It's where all the good stuff is!

And who wouldn't be passionate about sharing that???

As always,

Sending Love

About Jenine

Co-founder, creator, and leading expert in freeing others to awakn™ their unique gifts and step into their authentic self, Jenine's propriety method, based on healing the wounded child, guides you to reconnect with your child essence™, the Sacred You™, where all solutions reside. 

An award-winning, international, best-selling author, skillful subconscious facilitator, and inner-child specialist, she continually embodies and demonstrates a simple truth...that anything is possible if you believe...even unicorns!