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Recognizing Signs of Progress in Self-Healing

Nov 30, -0001

How do you know if you're making progress in your healing journey? This question is often asked by individuals who are actively working on healing old patterns and wounds from their childhood. Personally, I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to my own healing process, as well as supporting others through theirs. Through this experience, I have come to recognize certain signs that indicate a shift in old patterns and a move towards a more resourceful state.

First and foremost, it's important to acknowledge that life naturally brings about change. Even if we are not actively seeking to heal, circumstances beyond our control often push us to grow. Personal evolution is an inherent part of life, and it is nearly impossible to stay the same. So, whether or not we choose to actively participate in the healing process, we are always shifting.

However, those who consciously decide to embark on a journey of self-healing, such as through Inner-child work, are choosing to accelerate their healing process and become active participants in their own life experiences. While this may initially be uncomfortable and challenging, it allows for a greater sense of focus and awareness. Otherwise, life will inevitably force us to confront our unresolved issues, often resulting in immense pain.

So, if you have chosen to actively participate in your healing journey through Inner-child work or a similar practice that addresses core issues, how can you know if your efforts are paying off?

Allow me to share a personal example from my own life. Growing up, I never felt like I belonged or fit in. I was often bullied for being sweet and shy, making me an easy target for others to take advantage of. Unfortunately, I would often gravitate towards friendships with the "mean" girls, which led to them breaking my spirit despite my wholehearted trust and belief in them. While I eventually accepted that there are unkind people in the world, this experience left me with a wound that attracted imbalanced friendships well into adulthood.

To address this wound, I faced the painful emotions of betrayal and trust head-on. The first step was becoming aware of how I was participating in this cycle by subconsciously gravitating toward familiar dynamics. As awareness took shape, my reality began to shift. I could now recognize the current relationships in my life that were not serving my best interests. This allowed me to consciously respond differently to these people if they compromised my integrity or disrespected my boundaries. In the past, I would make excuses and continue to allow these toxic friendships to persist. However, a sign of true healing was when I no longer tolerated such relationships. Instead, I chose to respond differently, establish boundaries, and prioritize finding healthier and more rewarding friendships. As I made these conscious choices, my life naturally reflected these changes. The friendships rooted in wounds began to fade away, making room for fulfilling relationships. This was a clear indication that my healing journey was working.

When contemplating your own progress in healing, it's important to remember that it is a non-linear process that takes time. There may be moments when it feels like you're moving backward or sideways. However, the key is to recognize that when you commit to releasing old patterns and holding yourself accountable, your energy begins to shift. This shift becomes evident in your current choices and responses to life circumstances. You'll notice that your reactions differ from how you would have responded in the past, under the influence of your old thought patterns. This alone is a sign of healing and progress. While you may not have completely overcome attracting the same situations yet, your transformed response will inevitably lead to different outcomes. Ultimately, you will magnetize situations and relationships that align with your healthier and happier self.

In conclusion, recognizing progress in your healing journey requires patience and self-compassion. By paying attention to the shifts in your thoughts, choices, and responses, you can gain clarity and reassurance that the work you are putting in is indeed making a difference. Trust the process, stay committed, and embrace the transformations that come your way.

With love,

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