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Slipping Out Of Consciousness

Jun 15, 2021

It is my fundamental belief that all humans are doing the best they can with what they have. I truly believe that no conscious human wishes harm on another. Mind you, I said "conscious" human. It's easy for us to slip out of consciousness and when we do, we can inflict harm on ourselves and others.

So what is the cause of us slipping out of consciousness into what feels like a deep sleep rendering us disconnected, and confused in a perpetual cycle of endless suffering? As humans, we are far more complex than just skin and bones as we are intrinsically connected to an energy field carrying residue of past human pain.

On a personal level, pain from childhood that was repressed and unexpressed in the form of trauma leaves residues, energetic residues from different painful things that have happened to you in your childhood. This repressed energy creates blockages in the energy field.

The pain that is carried over from your childhood doesn’t go away completely, it leaves a mark on the energy field, as everything is energy and it will remain stuck in the body until it is recognized consciously.

Our energy fields are smart. They have a wisdom that goes beyond our human comprehension and will attract situations that will trigger what I call the "original wounds" as a healing mechanism to move the blockages, ultimately perpetuating growth and soul evolution.

Unfortunately, if we are unconscious of what's happening, instead of moving through the pain and releasing the blockage we can fall further into the abyss and get stuck in the process.

But hope is not lost, anyone can wake up at any point and become conscious at any moment. All it takes is self-awareness and the desire to move into peace, love, and forgiveness within yourself!

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