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The Secret To Reconnecting To Pure Consciousness

Sep 26, 2021

I belief that humans can transcend suffering by processing stuck emotions from early childhood, going back to what we call "original wounds"; then finding harmony by reconnecting with their truest essence. 

Of course, this is just my belief, you don't have to agree with it. Personally, I've experienced transcending blockages rather quickly when we reconnect to our 'Child Essence™'.

So what is the reason why I have found this method to be so successful? 

And exactly what is happening when an original wound is created from a larger perspective? 

There are many layers to the possibility of why original wounds occurred as they did, but the more expansive reasoning I'll focus on here is "EGO" identification. The moment the EGO takes form is when the soul first separates from pure consciousness. Of course, this happens to everyone in early childhood and can be felt on a soul level as a deep energetic trauma, taking the form of separation, fear, and abandonment. 

Anyone who has an understanding of psychology and human development can validate the fact there are certain ages when a child is forming a self-identification, separate from others. While this is considered "normal" human development, which it is, from my perspective we are more than just mind and body. To identify ourselves, as only mind and body leave out a vital component of our human nature... our spirit! 

To deny ourselves that we also have a spirit not only creates a sense of abandonment but also instills fear and confusion as we are not only separating from others but an aspect of ourselves. When a child first experiences this disconnection it feels like a death, as an essential part of our being is left out and often forgotten. When this happens, we are thrown into a world of duality. From this place, we do not feel fully integrated as the whole beings that we are, but as incomplete, as if something missing.


When we first separate from pure consciousness aka our "spirit" the moment is imprinted in the unconscious mind of the child. It actually can be experienced as quite painful While we equate the memories of this process to an external event or "story", the soul feels the separation and will continue to do everything possible during the life cycle to reintegrate the spirit.

So why do I place so much emphasis on going back to reconnecting to the 'Child Essence'? Because it was the last place we were fully integrated. It was also the place where we separated from our truth, so it's a powerful point of connection.

We have all experienced pure consciousness, it's a knowing that lives within us. None of us is more capable, lovable, or gifted than another. The EGO mind of separation creates the illusion that we are less than others. We all have the same energy flowing through us. There's no amount of education, training, or time needed to get there either. It's already within us all, available to anyone at any moment! 

All it takes is becoming aware and reintegrating it, which I've found happens instantly when we reconnect to the moment we were fully aligned with pure consciousness...

when we were children.

About Jenine

Co-founder, creator, and leading expert in freeing others to awakn™ their unique gifts and step into their authentic self, Jenine's propriety method, based on healing the wounded child, guides you to reconnect with your child essence™, the Sacred You™, where all solutions reside. 

An award-winning, international, best-selling author, skillful subconscious facilitator, and inner-child specialist, she continually embodies and demonstrates a simple truth...anything is possible if you believe...even unicorns!