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Trauma Bonding...A Deeper Look to Karmic Relationships

Nov 28, 2021

Have you ever experienced a relationship where you feel an instant connection, yet also a great deal of drama associated with it? As if you've known this person for a long time? They feel very comfortable at first, like an old friend, yet you barely know each other. Though comfortable, after a bit of time you begin finding the relationship to feel very draining. It triggers you a great deal and brings up all kinds of internal and external conflict.


Some consider these relationships to be "Karmic". Maybe they are, but I also see the psychological reasoning behind the feelings in such a connection. I believe they feel comfortable and familiar because we've suffered a similar wound. They remind us of earlier childhood trauma that's unprocessed and unresolved. It's not the person we're feeling an affinity to, but the wounds that we both carry that bond us.


Essentially, these "Karmic" relationships are 'wound mates'. We attract them to help us heal the unresolved trauma. It can be anyone who we connect with in this way. It feels like a connection because they touch on vulnerable pain points that are both familiar and deeply unconscious. We attract them to push us inward toward the path of inner healing. This person will mirror all your childhood wounds and past wounds. It will feel familiar because you will feel you have so much in common.


There can be platonic Karmic relationships as well as romantic ones. They come in all forms. Some people have a very triggering relationship with their family, friends, roommates, or significant other. They trigger you until you learn to set strong boundaries and begin to love yourself.

Karmic relationships usually come into your life to push you towards a journey of self-love to help you ascend. But they are not meant to last. When the lessons are learned, the work is done and they usually leave your life. Once you start loving yourself, you will realize there was usually no love in the relationship, it just felt like it, was due to the trauma bond. The dysfunction felt like love from the Inner-child's wounding and earlier references of love associated with trauma being mirrored.


Is there any way to escape Karmic relationships? YES!


By doing Inner-child work to address all your childhood & past traumas. With the help of therapy, healing work, and self-love anyone can release this pattern. This is why you would see some people going into the same types of relationships again and again until they finally break the cycle for good by healing their Inner-child.


If you do find yourself experiencing one of these kinds of relationships it's actually a blessing. This person has come into your life to help bring your attention back to where it needs to be focused... on more deeply loving yourself!

With Love,

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