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The Wild Side of The 8/8 Lion's Gate

Aug 08, 2021

Today is a special day as I've seen many people writing and talking about the 8/8 energy portal. While I believe every day holds significance, to me, the number 8 has always been a magical number. Eight is the symbol of infinity and the constant flow of energy. It's also a gateway towards manifesting abundance, whatever abundance means to you! For some it equates to financial prosperity, to me abundance is finding balance and harmony with the world around me, so life can give back to me in whatever way supports my highest good.

So of course, a double 8 day is no doubt a special day! Now add that it's also happening on the new moon makes it even more fantastic! It's the perfect time to put your energy out into the universe and set those intentions by planting seeds for whatever you wish to see grow and transform. The significance of today is to share with us that the universe has no boundaries, as energy is infinite and we are limitless with what we can create when we tap into our hearts.

For us being in a new country, we literally planted a bunch of Papaya seeds today, giving back to the land, while asking for support in helping us grow what we love in a new direction here in Panama.

This also makes it the perfect time for us to announce our exciting new adventure at the Secret to Life Institute called "Wild Child!".

We will soon be offering in-person healing retreats here in Panama, combining all of the tools we share with the natural elements of the land to reconnect people to their child essence!

We will be announcing details soon for this epic program which is like nothing else out there on the planet!

I look forward to seeing you reconnect to your wild side while witnessing your life transform when you join us on one of our journies!

Enjoy your 8/8!

Happy planting

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