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Your Baggage Goes With You

Aug 08, 2021

It's been almost a month since I moved my entire life to a foreign country and I must say, I'm doing pretty freak'n fantastic!

Sure, I miss people and the familiarity of things in the US, but I'm finding my way, meeting new friends, and learning how things work here in Panama.

You wanna know why? Because I realized a very important thing prior to my leaving...

Your baggage goes with you wherever you go!

You can't leave a situation, a relationship, or even a location and expect the issues you're carrying to simply disappear. It doesn't work that way!

This is why I made a huge effort prior to moving to diligently work on what was showing up within myself. A huge mistake is to think we can make bold changes externally and it will magically fix what's going on inside. People will assume that someone or something is the cause of their disharmony. Sadly, no matter how dysfunctional an external situation may appear, this is never the case.

I teach people that external discomfort that shows up for you at the moment, (especially through other people and circumstances) is always a reflection of what's living within yourself. It's usually a message for us to pay attention to deeper wounds from childhood that were repressed and never fully released. I see people all over who make drastic changes thinking it will change things, who still find themselves stuck in the same unhealthy patterns or feelings of dissatisfaction in future situations. We must work on our own stuff and release our own baggage if we truly wish to live a life in harmony.

Does it mean I don't still have challenges showing up? Heck no! I just know exactly where to look when they do. Within myself and most likely at the dynamics I still haven't fully recognized from early on in life.

So for those of you inspired by the bold transitions we've currently made during these unusual times, I'll tell you this...

It's absolutely 100% possible for you to do anything you desire in your life!

All you need to do is to implement the tools we share and work on yourself!

I'm living proof that healing the wounded child within yourself and reclaiming your child essence absolutely works

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